The South Sound’s growing population is hungry for great, local medical services. Lakewood has many incentives and premium affordable land to build your next campus.

In 2022, health care and social services held the highest number of full-time employment in the city, with just over 10,000 jobs. With its proximity to some of the largest employers in the region, Lakewood is uniquely positioned to have a high demand for medical services, and greater availability of employable health service workers. Major medical providers located within Lakewood include Western State Hospital, St. Clare Hospital, and Greater Lakes Mental Healthcare. Quality healthcare education is provided by Clover Park Technical College, and Pierce College. The new Glacier Building, dedicated in September, 2022, on the Pierce College campus offers state of the art training facilities for both Dental Hygiene and Veterinary Technology.

Incentives for business owners in Lakewood include:

  • Strategically Located
  • No Local B&O Tax
  • No Development Impact Fees* (*except for Downtown traffic mitigation)
  • Free Construction Watch Program
  • Low Business Licensing Fee
  • Within Foreign Trade Zone 86
  • HUD Section 108 Lending Program
  • HUB Zone, EB5, NMTX Eligible
  • Workforce Customized Training
  • Sounder Commuter Rail to Seattle
  • Site Selection; Business Assistance

One of Lakewood’s business development commitments is promoting healthy communities. If you’re looking to start a practice in Lakewood, our business development team is here to assist you.

  • Tax incentives for building in Lakewood
  • Well-trained veterans ready for a second career
  • Lots of commuters who would love to work locally

Drangsholt Orthodontics

Meet Dr. Ross Drangsholt, owner of Drangsholt Orthodontics.

For Ross Drangsholt, starting his orthodontics business in Lakewood was a continuation of his family legacy. Coming from several generations of dental health professionals, Dr. Drangsholt's father-in-law, wife, and son have all practiced dentistry in the same building he currently occupies. 

Besides decades of family history, doing business in Lakewood was a no-brainer for Ross. As an avid athlete, Lakewood’s parks and seven lakes provide space for a plethora of sports and activities. For many business owners, the appeal of Lakewood lies in its small town feel, with bigger city opportunities and municipal support. 

For Health Care professionals, Lakewood is an ideal place to do business. With ample real estate and a lower sales tax, the city is the perfect location for a medical campus. Located nearby Joint Base Lewis-McChord and home to a quickly growing population, the demand for medical professionals in Lakewood is steadily rising. 

Key tips on developing in Lakewood

  • Hire qualified contractors licensed to do business in Lakewood.
  • Submit quality detailed plans, and stick to the plans.
  • Project management is key, particularly with large complex developments.
  • Take advantage of our low-cost pre-application process to get all of your questions answered.
  • Pay attention to the details in our municipal code.  Lakewood has three development code sections, 18A Land Use and Development Code (general codes); 18B Downtown Development Code, and 18C Stations District Development Code.
  • Communicate often with key staff members, particularly if there are any changes.

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